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And It’s Never Too Early to Start Talking Football

For years Red has complained about the big boys of college football scheduling non-conference games against the weak sisters to avoid losses that might knock them out of the running for the no longer mythical National Championship.  The move to a 4 team playoff last year should go a long ways towards the high and mighty at least scheduling the lofty and muscular.  My thinking is that with 4 playoff spots available, coaches might approach non-conference scheduling a little differently.  For example, when it comes to crunch time for the selection committee at the end of the regular season – what is going to look better – a one point loss to a 9-3 Georgia which played a tough schedule or that 55-3 ass-whupping of Southern Northeast Middle Louisiana State?

And maybe just maybe, Red’s Longhorns are headed in the right direction and others will follow.  NBCSports reports that UT will be playing the toughest non-conference schedule in the land over the next five seasons.

 A home-and-home with Notre Dame. A home-and-home with USC. A home-and-home with LSU. Plus home-and-homes with Maryland and California, one-off games with Central Florida and South Florida, and no dates with FCS opponents. That’s all in the next five years. (If we voyage into the next decade we’ll see a road date at Arkansas and home-and-homes with Michigan and Ohio State as well.)

It’s enough for the folks at ESPN’s Stats & Information department to rank Texas atop its list of toughest future non-conference schedules.  “Overall, Texas is projected to play a Power 5 opponent in 10 of its 15 nonconference games over the next five years, tied for the most Power 5 matchups of any team,” the group writes. “The Longhorns are also one of 10 Power 5 teams that will not face an FCS opponent during that time.”

Well done, well done.