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The Most Famous House in Lubbock

Looking like a javelina ready to charge or perhaps some alien assault vehicle, the late artist Robert Bruno’s Steel House outside of Lubbock generated much controversy during its construction over the course of 3 decades.  It sits unfinished and abandoned today, still generating controversy.  Mark Lamster, architecture critic for The Dallas Morning News has written a thoughtful piece about the artist and his most famous creation.

What is peeking up over the horizon is something decidedly different, however, and soon enough you will come upon it in all its remarkable glory: a four-legged organism of blackened steel perched on a scruffy ridge, its curving forms resolving themselves in a postcard view over the blue waters of a recreational lake. It could easily be something landed from outer space, the kind of house a James Bond villain might occupy, if he were to put down roots in a nondescript residential development 15 minutes from the drowsy heart of downtown Lubbock.

One hopes that there is a use for this unique piece of Texas art and architecture history.