Lest Ye Forget

The Blood Stained Christmas Trees of the Apocalypse

FLOTUS never ceases to impress with her sense of style and utter tone deafness.

But really, how could Red not like these?

Merry Christmas to All

Your pal, Red


Trump Speaks – Red Translates

Our Crazy (believe me I know crazy), Do Nothing (she should be like me and put in that tough 4 hours day in and day out from about 11 am to about 3 pm) (where’s USMCA, infrastructure, lower drug pricing & much more?) Speaker of the House, Nervous Nancy Pelosi (good one huh?), who is petrified by her Radical Left (commie bastards) knowing she will soon be gone (they & Fake News Media are her BOSS) (I have no idea what I mean by that), suggested on Sunday’s DEFACE THE NATION (I made that up on the spot – I can hardly stop laughing) that I testify about the phony Impeachment Witch Hunt (why is it never a Warlock hunt?). She also said I could do it in writing (as if I could actually write). Even though I did nothing wrong (and when I say that it’s the sure clue that I am up to my neck in crooked shit), and don’t like giving credibility (something I know nothing about) to this No Due Process Hoax (see how I change cleverly from Witch Hunt to Hoax – keeps ’em off guard – is it a Witch Hunt or a Hoax), I like the idea & will, in order to get Congress focused again (you know on punishing the poor and enriching guys like me), strongly consider it! (here is where my attorneys shit a cow before realizing that I am lying about testifying one more time – that will happen right after I voluntarily release my tax returns).

Quote for the Day

“There has essentially been a coup d’état in the House of Representatives.”

Ken Starr

When Red wants the opinion of the former President of a previously respected university who allowed utter lawlessness under his reign in the name of better sports programs at the expense of the safety (and sometimes lives) of the students under his charge and who led an investigation into Clinton’s presidency that could find no wrongdoing in what it set out to investigate and then ran amuck and ultimately focused on one line of a deposition, Red will . . . oh, that’s right, Red will never want the opinion of a complete POS like Starr.

Is that a real Poncho, or is that a Sears Poncho?

With apologies to Frank Zappa, Red reports on the sad demise of State Rep. Poncho Nevarez (D – Eagle Pass).  A warrant for his arrest on felony drug charges was issued on Thursday.  Nevárez was apparently caught on surveillance footage at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport dropping an envelope filled with cocaine as he was leaving the airport.  It is unclear if the drop was intentional or accidental but unfortunately for Poncho, the envelope had his official House seal on it and contained about 2 ounces of coke.

On September 6, two Texas Department of Transportation employees found the envelope outside the special entrance to the airport that is used by state officials.  Who knew?  After DPS got involved, they reviewed the CCTV footage showing Poncho leaving the airport getting into the car of his chief of staff and dropping the envelope.

Frighteningly, Poncho chairs the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee.  Soothingly, he announced last week he was retiring from the House.  And at least he has the cojones to admit he screwed up – big time.  According to  a statement released by Poncho, the news is correct.  “I do not have anyone to blame but myself. I accept this because it is true and it will help me get better.”


What have we learned?

The events of the past two to three months have left Red more or less speechless as the utter corruption of the reality TV show joke of a presidency that is the Trump White House is laid bare.  Red is not surprised – just speechless at how anyone could think this is acceptable behavior from a U.S. President and that this should continue a minute longer.  Now, however, Red is ready to step back and reflect upon what we have learned from what is now 3 years of the reign of President-Elect and President Trump.  Red thinks – not much.

It was always clear that Trump was a low-class grifter and pathological liar with a moral compass that perpetually points towards his bottom line.  It was always clear that if it ever came down to a choice between what is best for the country or what is best for Trump – that he would choose the latter without a moment’s reflection or regret.  It was always clear that he was a cruel bully who talked a good game but folded in the face of real opposition.  It was always clear that he was a profane, preening, philandering prick of a man.  It was always clear that he was an intense physical coward who could never conceive of anything beyond his own safety.  It was always clear that his overweening ambition was his only guiding principle to be pursued at the expense of whomever or whatever stood in the way of his cocoon of selfishness.  It was always clear that anything that interfered with his glorious and grandiose self-image must be attacked and utterly destroyed if at all possible.  It was always clear that he displayed every disgusting and dishonest attribute of the quintessential real estate con man.  It was always clear that when he was speaking he was lying.  It was always clear that his persona was that of a thin-skinned and petulant child.  It was always clear that someone with his level of amorality must have nothing but utter contempt for the “common man” who tries to do things honestly and correctly.  It was always clear that his braggadocio concealed a deep inner insecurity that eats at his very soul.  It was always clear that the only God he worships is that of money and the appearance of success.  It was always clear that he was a disloyal friend, colleague and employer who would cast anyone aside at anytime in order to save himself.  It was always clear that he held our institutions, customs and common bonds of citizenship in the lowest possible regard and that he would exploit any and all differences to drive a wedge in the body politic in order to advance his own agenda of self-aggrandizement.  It was always clear (from most of the above) that  he suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder of the most extreme form.  It was always clear that he was not stupid but willfully ignorant and unwilling to learn.  It was always clear that he would use the legal system to buy and bully his way out of trouble.  It was always clear that he cheats at golf.  It was always clear that he was a complete failure at most of his business ventures (Trump Air, Wine, Magazine, Steaks, University, Casinos, the New Jersey Generals, etc.) outside of some limited competency in real estate and that his only true success had been as a TV personality and in promoting his name as a brand.  It was always clear that he was absurdly unqualified and unsuited for the highest office in the land.

Perhaps what was less clear was that he would be completely subservient to foreign dictators and strong men. Perhaps what was also less clear was that almost every aspect of his foreign policy would be for the benefit of one of our great enemies – Russia – such that the only reasonable inference could be he was either a deep Putin plant or that he was terrified of something that might be revealed by Putin.  Perhaps what was also less clear is that he would betray and offend so many of our allies for no apparent reason (but see above re: Putin).  Perhaps what was also less clear was that his background story of being a near-completely self made man was a tale told by a fantasist. Perhaps it was less Clear that he had engaged in massive tax and bank fraud that would have landed anyone else in jail. Perhaps what was also less clear was the gullibility of so many Americans in sticking with this proven con man in the face of such complete betrayal of his oath of office.  Perhaps what was also less clear was the damage that electing such a man could do to the Republic.

At this point, Red is fairly much convinced that the U.S. as we have known it may not survive 8 years of Trump – 4 years will have done enough damage.  Red is also fairly convinced that is where the country is heading.  God help us all.

Trump Speaks – Red Translates

I want to know who’s the person, who’s the person who gave the whistle-blower (scum-sucking weasel) the information (the evidence of my crimes). Because that’s close to a spy (and I know from spies because I’ve been a Russian agent for years).  Basically, that person never saw the report (Thank God), never saw the call (and a perfect call it was), he never saw the call (say it twice so they’ll remember), heard something and decided that he or she, or whoever the hell they saw (I’m losing my train of thought here)- they’re almost a spy (see above). You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart (I’m thinking Spanish Inquisition here)? Right? The spies and treason (because it’s treason to expose my crimes – look it up – it’s right after Art. II where it says as President I can do whatever I want), we used to handle it a little differently than we do now (Are you listening out there? Please somebody kill these mofos now).

Trumph – the Insult Comic President on the whistleblower that just might take him down

Trouble in Corny Dog Paradise

One of the true treats of attending the Texas State Fair in Dallas is the chance to chomp on a freshly fried Fletcher’s Corny Dog.  Careful not to burn the roof of your mouth.  But there is trouble brewing and a full-fledged corny dog war is about to break out it would seem.  Various wings of the Fletcher family are now fighting over the trademark name.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Texas federal court, Fletcher’s Original State Fair Corny Dogs have sued mother and daughter Victoria Fletcher and Jace Christensen for selling corny dogs under the name “Fletch” to confuse consumers into buying their products. FOSFCD claim that Victoria and Jace are “estranged members” of the Fletcher family and are planning to open a “Fletch” restaurant right before the Texas State Fair begins next week to capitalize on the confusion.  .

FOSFCD dates back to 1942 when two brothers who had previously worked as vaudeville performers began selling corny dogs at the Texas State Fair.  Victoria Fletcher is divorced from the grandson of one of the original founders and neither she nor her daughter have any ownership interest in the family business according to the complaint.  But since February Victoria and Jace have been selling Fletch Corny Dog at various events, causing “a substantial amount of actual confusion”  as to whether the two brands are related.   However, Fletch is not selling corny dogs at the State Fair, so the likelihood of confusion seems limited at that venue.

And for the record, Red loves a good corn dog.