Today in Texas History – August 17

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From the Annals of the Frontier –  In 1786, David Crockett was born in Tennessee.  Crockett was an authentic frontiersman and hunter as a young man.  When he embarked on a political career, his legend grew.  Crockett was reputed to be uncomfortable with his portrayal in the popular media of the time and took exception to the unauthorized biography Sketches and Eccentricities of Colonel David Crockett of West Tennessee.   But his popular persona helped him gain election to the Tennessee state house.  From there his political career moved to Washington where served three terms as a U.S. congressman from eastern Tennessee.  He was arguably among the two or three most famous Congressmen in U.S. history (Henry Clay and Sonny Bono might even agree).  His stance against Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act likely caused him to lose his congressional seat and set him in motion towards Texas.  In 1835, Crockett set out for Texas with 30 Tennesseans.  Along the way he was greeted by enthusiastic crowds.  Crockett still had political ambitions and likely viewed himself as a potential president of an independent Texas.  Based on his previous experience, he was probably not interested in serious military activity in support of the Texas revolution and not interested in becoming a dead military hero.  The circumstances of his death at the Alamo have been hotly debated.  Credible accounts establish that he was among a handful of survivors who were executed after the fighting ceased.  That in no way detracts from the heroism of this true American icon.


Quote for the Day

I truly hate disloyal people.”   Eric Trump

Does the son of a father who cheated his workers and contractors, filed multiple bankruptcies, withheld medical benefits from his critically ill nephew, cheated on son’s mother with his second wife, cheated on second wife with third wife, cheated on third wife with porn star and playmate, turned on the people who got him elected, ever actually think about what he is saying?

The 2018 NFL Season – A Prologue

Red more or less originally started this blog to gain a wider audience for his annual (and weekly) NFL predictions.  Needless to say, it has evolved a bit, but Red remains a committed prognosticator.  And since the right has abandoned the NFL (or at least many of the players) as a hopeless group of America Haters, Red is reaffirming his commitment to judge them more or less on their on-field performance and not so much on other issues – unless and ntil some humor can be gained anyway.

To those who are hating on players because of the National Anthem protests, Red can only say:

If you are wearing a “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat” shirt, you have nothing to complain about.  You are not a patriot, you are a partisan hack who would pledge allegiance to an tyrannical regime rather than budge an inch on your beliefs which are likely based on a host of lies you have been fed by the GOP.

If you don’t know the words to the National Anthem (see, e.g., Trumpf – The Insult Comic President), you cannot complain about anything related to our national tune.

If you don’t believe that there is a legitimate reason to protest police treatment of minorities, then you haven’t been paying enough attention to take anything you say or believe seriously and can just shut up now.  Either that or come out and say that you think extra-judicial killings are just fine and dandy as long as it isn’t your family members getting randomly offed.

If you think that protesting is disrespectful to our nation’s traditions or the military, you really need to pick up a volume or two on American history at your local public library before the GOP shuts them down.  This nation was founded on protest and many brave men and women have died to protect the right of everyone to voice their opinions.  You may not like what they say, but allowing for free and open protests is the most glorious example of everything that we as a nation should stand for.

And so with that premise, Red will – over the next few weeks – provide his invaluable insight into the coming NFL season.  Protest away.


Today in Texas History – August 16

From the Annals of the Temblors –  In 1931, the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Texas shook up the good folks of Valentine in Jeff Davis County. The quake measured 6.5 on the Richter Scale which is relatively minor in the California falling into the ocean scheme of things..  No casualties were reported, but the quake caused damage to almost every wooden structure in Valentine.   The local school building was damaged beyond repair.  There were also reports of landslides as far away as the Guadalupe Mountains.

Figure showing  felt area and Modified Mercalli Intensities experienced by Texans from the Valentine earthquake from

Oh my, Omarosa!

The very fact that Omarosa is a major topic of news and that the country is breathlessly awaiting her next revelation is proof positive that Trumpf – The Insult Comic President [TM] is an incompetent buffoon.   Only a complete fool would have hired this person for a position of responsibility with access to the White House and anyone who did absolutely deserves what they get.

Quote for the Day

The most important shot in golf is the next one.”  Ben Hogan

Red was at the Colonial Country Club last week and paid a visit to the Hogan Shrine.  For golf, Red’s corollary is that it is never the one bad shot that hurts you – it is the two or three in a row – caused by the inability to forget the first bad one – that kills the round.

The above quote applies to so many facets of life.  The last shot may have been into the water hazard and at that point all that matters is what you do next.  And Red has hit lots of balls into the water both on and off the course.

Today in Texas History – July 20

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From the Annals of Space –  In 1969,  Astronaut Neil Armstrong spoke the first words ever known to be uttered from a celestial body other than Earth.  At 3:18 CDT, Armstrong confirmed, “Houston, Tranquility Base here – the Eagle has landed.” He also became the first man to walk on the moon on later that same day. 

Old General Sam would be mighty amused to know that his name was the first word ever spoken from the Moon.