Country Music Awards Coming to Arlington

The Academy of Country Music will present its annual awards show live from AT&T Stadium in Arlington on April 19.  The temporary change in venue from Las Vegas will allow more than 90,000 spectators to see the show in person.  The Las Vegas venue seats only 17,000.

Texas taxpayers will help foot the bill via the Texas Major Events Trust Fund.  The Trust Fund allows for additional tax revenue generated by a “Major Event” to be used to pay for the costs of staging the event.  The Dallas Cowboys will be dipping into the tax revenues to pay for some of the costs of the event.  The awards show will certainly benefit the local economy with an expected 41,000 visitors in the area using an estimated 19,000 hotel rooms plus watering holes and restaurants.  But the any benefit to state and local coffers will likely be offset by payments from the Trust Fund to the Cowboys.  The Cowboys are not the only outfit to slurp at the public feeding trough as the Trust Fund has been used to help fund numerous events in past years.

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