Texas Marriage Under Assault – From Serial Heterosexuals

Rep. Tony Tinderholt (TP- Headcase City) has filed a complaint with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct against Travis County District Judge David Wahlberg who recently ordered the Travis County Clerk to issue a marriage license to a long-time gay couple with two children.  Tinderholt is understandably concerned about the sanctity of the institution of marriage – apparently having been married five (5) times himself.  Tinderholt obviously believes that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman – at least until he gets tired of his current wife or vice versa.

Tinderholt has complained that Judge Wahlberg failed to give notice to the Texas Attorney General’s office before issuing his order.  One problem – Wahlberg was not the judge in the court where the constitutionality of Texas’ ban on same sex marriage was challenged.  That was in a case before Probate Court Judge Guy Hermann.  Texas litigants are required to notify the Attorney General when challenging a Texas statute on constitutional grounds and that was done in the probate case.  The AG declined to intervene and the case proceeded.  Wahlberg was acting on a request based on the prior ruling.  It seems highly unlikely that any action will be taken against Wahlberg.

And the current over/under on Tinderholt’s latest marriage – Red is putting that at 3.5 years and going short.

2 thoughts on “Texas Marriage Under Assault – From Serial Heterosexuals

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