Steven Hotze – Bigot or Ignoramus? You Decide

Raw Story reports on Dr. Steven Hotze’s testimony before a Texas House Committee comparing gays to rapists and murderers.  Hotze, a well know right winger who was once Chairman of the Harris County GOP, made his argument that Texas should ignore the U.S. Supreme Court if it should rule that same-sex marriage is protected under the U.S. Constitution.  Hotze apparently believes that Texas need not follow the supreme law of the land and should chart its own course in discriminating against gays.

Saying the state should only enforce laws that are “morally right,” Hotze explained how that determination is made, stating, “First you look in the Bible.”

“There are ways around the law. We have legalization — the Supreme Court, even though I believe it was completely wrong, said it is constitutional to kill a baby in the womb,” Hotze said. “I think it’s a horrible injustice and it’s unconstitutional. But, let me just say this, in Texas we said ‘We don’t believe that’s right. So we’re going to do everything we can to protect the unborn that we possibly can,’ and we’ve done that. And that’s the same thing.”

He added, “If they were to come out ruling that marriage between two individuals is legal, I would say let’s do to stop it just like we stopped abortion. Cut off funding for it, that’s all I’m saying.”

Told by Turner that he respects people no matter how they live their lives, Hotze claimed that sexual preferences  is a choice homosexuals make, just as murderers and rapists choose to commit “immoral acts.”

“If you make that a standard, that it’s a person’s chosen behavior, no matter what it is, it gives them minority status? You’ve got to be kidding. Where do you stop?’ Hotze said incredulously. “Look, if people are involved in activities that are immoral and wrong, you can love them, but you don’t respect what they do and you try and help them find a way out. Whether they’re alcoholics, whether they’re murderers or adulterers. Whether they’re perverts, pornographers or whatever. You want help them. Or homosexuals, you want to help them out.”

Turner again stated that people should be respected, no matter their differences, to which Hotze replied, “Then we can get rid of all the laws against people that do immoral acts, like murder and rape and embezzling. Cause you want to make them feel good, don’t you? You don’t want to make them feel bad about their actions because they might be born that way.”

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