Minor League Baseball in Texas

The joys of Minor League Baseball are many.  Inexpensive tickets, cheap hot dogs and all kinds of weird promotions and between inning antics. However, two of the greatest joys are knowing that you are not contributing much to the deep pockets of a franchise owner slurping at the public trough (see previous post re: Mark Cuban); and knowing that the players are not knocking down millions but are playing for the true love of the game – and the opportunity to perhaps knock down millions.  So if you don’t live in Houston or the MetroPlex, go out and support your local team.

Here are the Texas Minor League teams affiliated with Major League clubs:

Corpus Christi Hooks
El Paso Chihuahuas
Frisco RoughRiders
Midland RockHounds
Round Rock Express
San Antonio Missions

Then there are the independent Sugar Land Skeeters – whose players really are playing for love of the game.  Unfortunately, the other independent team, the Fort Worth Cats, were booted from LaGrave Field and do not appear to be playing in 2015.

You really have to admire a team that has a tiny hairless Mexican dog as its mascot – even if it is one bad ass looking tiny hairless Mexican dog.

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