One Year of Blogging

Red celebrates his first anniversary of blogging today.  Red has spent much of the time learning how to keep his ear to the ground, not follow the masses too much, and carefully pick a few topics each day to give his particular spin to.  In the limited time that Red has to devote to this enterprise, he does try to get your attention and maybe make you think a little differently about this beautiful, great and definitely bizarre at times place called Texas.

Red is the first to admit that picking up readers and followers has been harder than expected and he had not met his targets after one year.  But it is pretty darn cool that someone in Uzbekistan would even bother to check out what Red has to say. So undiscouraged and ignoring the signposts of failure, the blogging will continue.  Red knows you won’t always agree with him, but hopes that you at least find this blog occasionally interesting.

Red would like to thank Charles Kuffner of Off the Kuff and Katy Anders of the strangely insightful FascistDykeMotors blog for their comments and support during the past year.  Red also thanks that Brazilian guy or gal who checked in almost every day for the first several months of operation.  Sometimes Red felt like he was blogging just for you.

Muchas gracias amigos,


5 thoughts on “One Year of Blogging

  1. katydidknot

    “Strangely insightful.” I’ll take it. I’d even brag about it on my page, except that I am already showcasing your “Like Borges on Acid!” quote.

    Your blog is one of the few I get happy about when I see a new post pop up on my reader. Then I come by and see my picture over there under “reader comments” and worry that I’m commenting too much.

    Looking forward to Year #2!


  2. Barbara CT

    I recently started my own blog and started following yours since I’m into all things Texas. I have a curiosity question: Why do you refer to yourself in the third person in your posts?


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