Ted Cruz for President – of the Republic of Texas

Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) has clearly demonstrated that he is the Alpha Dog of Texas politics.  All other pretenders be warned.  As Cruz continues to rack up Texas endorsements and haul in huge bags of money from the swells, it is now evident that Ted Cruz and the Ted Cruz Experience will be guiding the ship of state in Texas for the foreseeable future.  If the Texas GOP’s dream of an independent Texas standing tall as a shining beacon of radical (and generally unpopular if you actually dig into the issues) Cruz-style conservatism is every realized, then the one man to lead us there is none other than your Junior Senator from Canada (errr Texas) Ted Cruz.

Stand aside John Cornyn – keep looking all distinguished and silvery – but stand aside and let a better man lead us into the abyss.

Be quiet Dan Patrick – okay, that’s an impossible request, but at least recognize that you are on the second string and aren’t playing until garbage time.

Move over Greg Abbott – but keep doing whatever it is that you are doing, which frankly appears to be nothing much at all.

Watch out George P. Bush – wherever you are.

Stay where you are Kevin Brady – no one knows who you are anyway.

Go home Jerry Patterson – a voice of moderation will have no place in the new glorious Republic.

Keep your head down Ken Paxton – even Cruz might want you in jail.


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