Red’s NFL Picks – Week 16

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”  Hunter S Thompson

Which is why Red remains an amateur.

Red Rates himself – For week 15 3-3. For the season  49-35.  Respectable but not terribly exciting.

Your  Weird pick of the week.  Falcons over Panthers.  No particular reason for this except that Red picked the Falcons make the playoffs. Red sticks with his  picks  until he doesn’t.   Panthers have nothing to play for except perfect season and that usually doesn’t work out too well.  Atlanta 24 Carolina 20.

Your Professional pick of the week.  Bills over Cowboys. Does Red really have to explain this one? He didn’t think so.  Orchard Park 45 Arlington 6.

Your Gonzo Journalism pick of the week. Seahawks over Rams. When in doubt, a rare occurrence, Red will ask himself – What would HST do?  Red is pretty damn sure he would pick the Hawks to continue kicking ass and taking names.  Seattle 28 St. Louis 17.

Your Fear and Loathing pick of the week.  Titans over Texans. Can Texans handle success even in the modified limited hang-out way that occurs in the PEFAPFD that is the AFC South? Red doubts it. And certainly not with Brandon Weedhead at the helm. The POS champion of this division will not be decided until Week 17.  Tennessee 34 Houston 29.

Your Hells Angels pick of the week.  Raiders over someone.  Go Raiders.  Go to Southern California.  Oakland 103 Someone 0.

Your Shit Bowl pick of the Week. If you have seen this weeks schedule you know that it is Shit Bowl heaven.  Which is too much for Red to handle







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