Today in Texas History – December 30


From the Annals of the Political Machines – In 1938, San Antonio mayor Charles K. Quin was indicted for misappropriation of funds. Quin, an attorney by trade, had practiced in San Antonio since 1923.  He also served as an assistant city attorney and a city utilities attorney before returning to private practice in 1932 as a partner of C. M. Chambers, the Democratic mayor of San Antonio. When Chambers died in 1933, Quin was selected to fill his unexpired term and then prevailed in the regular election later that year.  A mayor, Quin was head of the San Antonio political machine tradition and associated with the gambler and bootlegger Charles Bellinger. The Bexar County grand jury indicted Quin and two other city officials for allegedly using city funds to pay wages to more than 400 “precinct workers” in the 1937 election.  Not  surprisingly, the indictment was quashed but Quin was defeated in the next election by Maury Maverick.  Quin vanquished Maverick in the 1941 election, but resigned from the mayoral office in 1942 to accept a position as a State District Court judge – a position he held until his death in 1960.


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