Rob Morrow Elected Travis County GOP Chair – Local Party Officials Bemoan the Chaos their Voters Have Wrought

Travis County Republicans are beside themselves over the newly elected County Chair Rob Morrow who defeated incumbent James Dickey by more than 6000 votes. Morrow is the co-author of “The Clinton’s War on Women” a book akin to the Bible in many GOP households. So why the wailing and gnashing of teeth?  Perhaps it has to do with the chickens coming home to roost.  In many ways, Morrow accurately represents the present tenor of the Grand Old Party.  You see, Morrow is fond of insulting anyone and everyone in his frequent Tweets – including the sainted Rick Perry.  Morrow

Red sees this as simply the natural progression of the GOP’s turn to ad hominem attacks and political viciousness.  Morrow is perfectly in line with the Ted Cruz/Donald Trump insult comic wing of the GOP. And how can anyone in the party legitimately complain about Morrow making fun of Perry or the entire Bush family when its presidential candidates spend about 75% of their time trashing their opponents.  So exactly how is Morrow out of line with the GOP electorate when he questions Rick Perry’s sexual preferences, or claims that the entire Bush family are criminals who should be locked up, or calls Hillary an “angry bull dyke”, or claims that Marco Rubio is “very likely a gay man who got married.”   And Morrow’s response to the Travis County Republicans who want him out?   “Tell them they can go fuck themselves.”  They can do that or vote for Ted Cruz – it’s pretty much the same thing.  Too bad the GOP doesn’t respect the will of the voters.  But if they won’t respect the President who won twice, why should they respect their new racist homophobe of a party leader.

The Texas Tribune has the rest of the hilarious story of the disintegration of the county party of Gov. Greg Abbot and AG Ken Paxton among other notable lights.   Red was literally ROTFL.



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