Today in Texas History – March 24

From the Annals of Livestock –  In 1893, the Fort Worth Stock Yards were officially incorporated. Fort Worth quickly became the largest livestock market in Texas and the Southwest.  The stockyards were consistently ranked between third and fourth among the nation’s large terminal livestock from 1905 until the mid-1950s.  The origin of the Fort Worth Stock Yards began when the Texas and Pacific Railway arrived in 1876.  There were pens to hold cattle and by 1886 four stockyards had been built near the rail terminals. Boston capitalist Greenleif W. Simpson, with a half dozen Boston and Chicago associates, incorporated the Fort Worth Stock Yards Company and purchased the Union Stock Yards and the Fort Worth Packing Company in 1893.  Armour and Swift soon located meatpacking plants adjacent to the stockyards. By 1936 Texas was the nation’s leading producer of cattle and sheep, and the Fort Worth Stock Yards were the center of the industry. Today the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District is primarily a tourist attraction.

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