Drought in Doubt?

Current U.S. Drought Monitor

The current drought gripping much of Texas since its official beginning in October or 2010 has relaxed somewhat.  The Fort Worth Star-Telegram nods approvingly at indications that the almost five year drought is easing.

None of the state is in exceptional drought, the most serious category, which is noted by maroon splotches on the drought map.

West of Fort Worth, Palo Pinto, Young and Stephens counties, which had been stuck in exceptional drought, improved dramatically over the last week. They’re still in severe drought but conditions are definitely trending in the right direction. Lake Palo Pinto, which was hovering around 10 percent a month ago, is now full.

“It looks like we’re headed in the right direction,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Lamont Bain. “We’ll see what this weekend rain brings.”

Meanwhile, California is drying up and blowing away.  Red isn’t planting wheat just yet.

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