If at First You Don’t Succeed – Waste Some More Time and Money

Rick Perry announced his candidacy for President today.  Just what we needed – another Presidential candidate with Texas roots.  The Wall Street Journal, Red’s favorite source on all things Rick Perry, speculates on his chances.

He faces a sizable challenge to separate himself from what looks to be a crowded field of GOP contenders in 2016—and overcome the impression he left with national voters during his initial campaign for president, when he raised a large war chest and briefly led the field before suffering a memory lapse in a debate in which he forgot one of the three federal agencies he proposed to eliminate.

Mr. Perry also faces a pending felony indictment related to a veto he issued as governor. He has denied wrongdoing, calling the prosecution a witch hunt by political opponents, and has filed a motion to dismiss the indictment that is pending before an Austin appellate court.

Mr. Perry has played down the headwinds he faces and emphasized the attributes he believes will help distinguish him in a crowded Republican field, including his military background (Sen. Lindsey Graham is the only other current candidate in the GOP field with a military record) and his long tenure as chief executive of a large state.

“I led the world’s 12th largest economy,” he said Thursday. “The question of every candidate will be this: When have you led?

Red never thought he would say it, but Greg Abbott is making him miss Rick Perry.

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