Texas County Clerks Violating Their Oath of Office

Off the Kuff does an excellent job of reporting on Texas County Clerks that are violating their oath of office by not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples – so Red doesn’t have to.  The latest is Hood County’s Katie Lang who apparently came up with a number of bogus excuses to deny a gay couple a marriage license and then had the temerity to call in Sheriff’s deputies to harass people who were attempting to exercise their constitutional rights.  It took filing a federal lawsuit to get Lang to follow the law.

Lang who sports one of the more bizarre personal biography websites for a County Clerk appears to be a Tea Party stalwart playing to her base in boldface type.  Her webpage proudly touts her extensive experience as an “award winning video producer/director with over 28 years in the film industry.”  It goes on to talk about her “high personal standards” and lists numerous awards she has received for her commercials for the now-defunct Tandy (Radio Shack) Corp.  At the end of the biography – again in bold print – Lang proudly touts:


Unless of course, those citizens happen to be gay.

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