Red Takes a Stand

Red happened to be in the Capital City this weekend and took his family to eat at Red’s of all places.  When offered a seat on the patio, the hostess neglected to inform Red that it was the designated “Dog Area.”   Red knows that his general dislike of the canine species puts him at odds with much of the civilized world on either a domesticated animal or culinary basis.  And if people want to eat with their dogs – or eat their dogs for that matter – Red is perfectly okay with that.  But a restaurant should not assume that Red is okay having his spinach salad while a Black Lab is sticking his ass in the air and farting in Red’s general direction.  Red gets that people love their dogs, but that doesn’t mean I have to.  All I want is informed choice.  If you are going to seat someone in a mixed-species kennel at least give them chance to opt out and wait for a table where the only annoying creatures are the wait staff.

2 thoughts on “Red Takes a Stand

  1. katydidknot

    Houston has an ordinance about letting dogs into some restaurants as well. Ironically, the ordinance was passed right around the same time they made it easier to arrest homeless people from being around restaurants and banned feeding homeless people without a license.

    I can’t stand dogs so unless you can’t find the restaurant without the dog guiding you, I don’t think they ought to be in there.



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