Jade Helm 15 Update, Cont.

Yesterday Red spotted a very suspicious convoy of street sweepers on Alt. 90 at a location to be disclosed.  Red doesn’t ever recall seeing regular street sweepers on a highway.  Much less a US highway.  It’s just possible that they were sweeping up more than the leftist litter left on the road.  Maybe they were sweeping up information on your whereabouts in anticipation of the round up of your women, children and most importantly guns.

Red also notice an unusual concentration road kill at certain points on the highway.  Early target practice perhaps or more likely experimentation in advance of the second wave alien invasion phase of JH15.  Remember what they were doing to cattle back in the 90’s.  For the meantime, Red is keeping J.Edgar (Red’s Belgian Shepherd) inside while continuing to tempt the jack-booted latter-day Nazis Feds with the prospect of obtaining Mrs. Red for their devious mind control experiments and sexual perversions.  But they aint biting yet.  Any day now.

Vigilantly yours,



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