Jade Helm 15 Update, Cont.

Red was batching it this weekend and went looking for evidence of the imminent takeover of Texas by the United States – the country which more or less legally controls it already.  A few hours cruising in the Redmobile failed to discover anything remotely suspicious.  They must run and hide when they see Red coming.   Even the buzz on the internet is barely audible at this point.  The only real development was the arrest of 3 North Carolina men who are accused of trying to lure Army troops into a booby trapped camp in South Carolina.  Stars and Stripes has the story.   Hey, you buy a few illegal weapons, make some pipe bombs, exploding tennis balls and coffee can anti-personnel devices, then plan to draw in government forces and massacre them and the next thing you know the feds are all over your case.  What’s happened to freedom in this country?   So bury your guns now.  Don’t worry about encasing them in anything, just get ’em in the ground quick because the jack-booted thugs of the Federal government are coming to take away your women, children and most importantly guns.  Since there might be some issues with burying the women and children, Red recommends that you just put them in the cellar.  And if you don’t have a cellar, send ’em off to Grandma’s house.  That way you might get in a round of golf before Obama sneaks in and takes away your new set of Callaways too.

Vigilantly yours,


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