Today in Texas History – August 10

From the Annals of War Crimes –  In 1862, the Battle of the Nueces took place in Kinney County.  A force of mostly German immigrant Unionists from the Hill Country led by Fritz Tegener were attempting to escape to Mexico and then onto Union controlled New Orleans.   They were camped on the west bank of the Nueces River about twenty miles from Fort Clark when they were attacked by mounted Confederate soldiers. The Unionists had camped without choosing a defensive position or posting a strong guard. The Confederates, led by Lt. C. D. McRae, came upon the camp on the afternoon of August 9. Firing began an hour before sunlight the next morning; nineteen of the sixty-odd Unionists were killed, and nine were wounded. The nine wounded were executed a few hours after the battle. Two Confederates were killed and eighteen wounded, including McRae.  McRae only had authority to arrest the civilians for avoiding service in the Confederate Army, but instead he chose to massacre sleeping civilians and then allowed the execution of unarmed wounded men.   Question for the supporters of the so-called “noble cause” – Was it noble to execute wounded prisoners?

Print of the Nueces Massacre from


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