Jade Helm 15 Update, Cont.

Red would have like to have been hot on the trail of the jack-booted thugs of Jade Helm 15 who are, as we speak, plotting to take away our women, children and most importantly guns this week, but the torrential rains have required Red to stay a bit closer to home, and since not a single dang JBT has been spotted in Red’s sedated subdivision or prowling suspiciously near the local Stop & Rob, Red is convinced that a road trip to parts further west may be the ticket to finally unraveling the mystery of why not one darn WCAMIG has yet turned up missing such that it would be traceable back to the JBT’s and their nefarious plans to occupy Texas and make it subject to the U.S. government which already more or less controls it anyway.  Take that Joseph Conrad.   So if not otherwise occupied cleaning up storm debris at Casa Red, the Redmobile will be in action and cruising some of the more lonely highways in our glorious state in search of the seemingly non-existent evidence of Obama’s plan to subject Texas to its nominally lawful sovereign and get his kicks by rounding up Mrs. Red and taking away Red’s prized possessions the Brown Bomber (Browning 7mm mag) and Ol’ Alley Clearer (Beretta 12 gauge over and under).   Chances are that while the JBT’s are coming in the front door to sweep up Mrs. Red (heaven help ’em if they show up during Project Runway), Red will be storming out the back with his PP’s and J. Edgar (Red’s Belgian Shepherd) in tow for parts unknown.  Until that dreadful day, Red will be keeping you up to speed.

Vigilantly yours,



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