Williamson County Judge Going to Prison for Illegal Arms Dealing

Former Williamson County Court-at-law Judge Timothy Wright was sentenced to 18 months in Federal Prison for his role in an illegal weapons trading scheme.  U.S. Attorney Richard Durbin, Jr. indicated the following in a Department of Justice pleading.  “While sworn to uphold the law, Judge Timothy Wright repeatedly violated federal laws governing the sale of firearms. He falsified official firearms records to hide the true identity of the real buyer and then lied to federal investigators about his crimes. These are serious crimes for which he has been held accountable.” Breitbart reports the details of the downfall of the jurist from deep in the heart of Tea Party Red Williamson County.

Federal prosecutors say that between June, 2014, and March of this year that Wright sold more than 60 pistols, without a federal license, and some of those guns were sold to felons, and other firearms ended up in Mexico.  

Wright’s home in Georgetown was raided in late March, he was arrested about a week later, spent a night in jail in Austin, and then plead [sic] guilty in federal court in May. He then resigned from the bench in Williamson County, saying that “No one is above the law, especially judges. 

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