El Papa es Contigo

Pope Francis began his first papal visit to the U.S. today.  Sadly, Red will miss it.  But PF’s message of forgiveness, humility and service has not been lost on Red who does occasionally strive to modest improvements on those fronts.  Red further completely supports PF’s campaign to root out the corruption at the heart of the Catholic Church under the abominable reigns of Pope John Paul II and his chief henchman Pope Benedict.  But the Pope’s focus on what must be done to correct the social injustice in society has raised the ire of the right-wing bloviators.  Here is what they have to say about the world’s leading religious figure.

Rush Limbaugh  – “Pure Marxism.” 

Michael Savage – “Hand-selected by the New World Order. The same people who gave us Obama gave us this pope. “

Alex Jones – “Part of the globalist plan to destroy the world.” 

The Islamofascists are pikers by comparison. If these morons are against him, he must be doing something right.  And he likes soccer to boot.

Photo of Pope Francis with Argentine soccer legend Carlos “El Apache” Tevez from www.balls.ie.

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