Wake Red Up for the 4th Quarter

The long-term trend for college football games is just that – go to a game and you are in for the long-term.  The average length of an average college football game is creeping towards 3:30 with perhaps as many as 20 games this year stretching to an intolerable 4 hours.  If you think that’s bad, the problem seems to be descending to lower levels of the sport.  Red attended a high school game 3 weeks ago that lasted 3:45!  And they play 12 minute quarters.  That didn’t stop the first quarter from lasting an hour.  It wasn’t helped by the fact that the refs called 62 penalties including two when one of the teams was taking a knee to run out the clock at the end of the game.  Really?  Don’t get Red wrong, he likes his football alright, but who has 4 hours to waste on something other than golf?  The Wall Street Journal details the decline in timeliness of America’s still favorite sport.

As Red has said many times, “the best thing about soccer – 2 hours.”


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