Red Reviews the Dems

Red watched as much of the Democratic Presidential Debate as he could stand last night.  If it weren’t for the awful performance of the GOP candidates in their debate, Red would have to be even harsher in his criticism of these five.  Here goes:

Hillary Clinton –  Is there anything that does not make Hillary want to break into her bland Midwestern smile?  Terrorism – smile.  Our dead diplomats in Benghazi  – smile.  Email scandal – smile.  Police shootings – smile.  It is somewhat unnerving to have a candidate who apparently finds everything at least somewhat amusing.  Red will say this – Hillary’s makeup people are incredible.  She looked 40 years old last night; which is also a little unnerving.  What does come through is that while Hillary is polished and professional, she really believes in nothing other than Hillary and will do or say whatever she thinks will get her elected.  Not exactly what Red is looking for in a candidate.

Bernie Sanders – We have no doubt about what Bernie stands for and that he will go down with that ship.  There is no doubt about his passion for working to improve things for ordinary Americans and attacking the oligarchs of Wall Street.  But will that ever sell with enough of the American electorate?  It seems doubtful, and one can only imagine the right-wing attack dogs that would come out of every hole and corner were Bernie to actually get the Democratic nod.  But at least someone is talking about the issues that the others are dodging.  Still, Bernie comes across as the crotchety old economics professor who knows better than everyone else and by gum is going to tell you about it.

Martin O’Malley – Martin might be getting some serious traction if all the air in the room were not being sucked up by Hillary and Bernie.  Looks Presidential – never a bad thing – but hardly enough to want to vote for him.  Martin made no real mistakes, but neither did he score much.  He was impressive on the Iraq war fiasco and explaining where Hillary and others went wrong.  He has a better track record of executive decision-making experience than the other four candidates combined, but that apparently is not impressing anyone right now.

Jim Webb – Desperately trying to get noticed and complaining about your lack of screen time will not help your cause in a big time debate.  Red will say this – when the shit hits the fan, Webb is the only one of this group that seems like he would know exactly what to do.  But what a stiff performance he gave last night.  You want someone as your President who you actually might like, not someone who looks ready to apply a choke-hold at any moment.

Lincoln Chaffee – Don’t remind us that you only became a U.S. Senator because your father passed away.

Overall, Red was unimpressed.  The debate was at least civil – no Ted Cruz throwing bombs at everyone but Trump.  But it lacked a pulse for much of the evening.


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