Today in Texas History – November 4

From the Annals of the Little Known Battles – In 1835,  one of the smaller engagements of the Texas Revolution occurred. The battle of Lipantitlán was fought on the east bank of the Nueces River in San Patricio County, directly across from Fort Lipantitlán.   The Fort was one of the last two garrisons of Mexican troops remaining after the initial engagements of the revolution.  Most of the Mexican forces had left the fort for operations in the field.  While they were engaged elsewhere a Texian force of around seventy men from Goliad under the command of Capt.Ira J. Westover seized and dismantled the fort.  The  Mexican force of about ninety men under the command of Capt. Nicolás Rodríguez encountered the Texians as they were attempting to cross the rain-swollen Nueces River on their return to Goliad.  The short battle lasted only about 30 minutes, but the Texian long rifles proved decisive in a longer distance fight against Mexican troops armed with close range muskets.  The Mexican troops were forced to retreat with between 3 and 5 soldiers reportedly killed in action.  The Texans reported only one relatively minor casualty.

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