Red Out

Red will be mostly out for the next week and posting only sporadically – if at all.

This weekend, Red will be exercising his new and entirely superfluous constitutionally protected right to hunt in Texas subject to reasonable regulations – whatever the heck that means.  For Red, the annual hunting trip or two is more of an excuse to enjoy the outdoors in beautiful fall weather, sit around the fire with old friends, sip some whiskey, perhaps even enjoy a cigar, walk through the woods with a gun pretending he is going to kill something, and occasionally take down a deer for venison or a wild hog just because wild hogs need killing.

After that, Red will be returning home to prepare the Thanksgiving feast and then head out with the family to meet up with the rest of the clan somewhere in the Hill Country.  This year Red will be roasting an organic turkey on the Weber, making a sweet potato casserole, fresh cranberry relish, a delightful green salad, yeast rolls, and a chocolate fudge pie.  Someone else is bringing the pecan pie.  And in case you didn’t know, Red is a helluva good cook.

So Red wishes everyone safe travels and a happy Thanksgiving – even Ted Cruz (TP-Texas).

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