Today in Texas History – December 3

From the Annals of the Cold War – In 1989, Presidents George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev indicated that the Cold War era was closing at a meeting in Malta.  The Malta meeting was the first-ever summit held between the two leaders.  Bush was optimistic about the summit and expressed his desire to continue arms control negotiations begun by the preceding Reagan administration. Gorbachev was more effusive about his desire for better relations with the United States and clearly indicated that the talks marked an important first step toward ending the Cold War.  “The characteristics of the Cold War should be abandoned,” he declared.  Gorbachev went on to suggest that, “The arms race, mistrust, psychological and ideological struggle, all those should be things of the past.” Bush’s statement was less direct. “With reform underway in the Soviet Union, we stand at the threshold of a brand-new era of U.S.-Soviet relations. It is within our grasp to contribute each in our own way to overcoming the division of Europe and ending the military confrontation there.”


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