Message From Loving Christians Who Want to Kill a Lot of People

Jerry Falwell, Jr. really preaches the essential message of Jesus of love and forgiveness by advocating slaughter of Muslims.

“I always  thought that if more good people had concealed carry permits, then we could in those Muslims before they walk in and kill.”  Falwell also confirmed that he was packing heat while speaking at a religious  based institution of higher learning.

Falwell’s remarks drew wild applause from Liberty University’s students at the weekly convocation.  Meanwhile, Jesus wept.

5 thoughts on “Message From Loving Christians Who Want to Kill a Lot of People

    1. Red from Texas Post author

      That’s not the message I’m hearing. This is “hell yes, if Jesus were alive today he’d be packing heat and wasting a whole butt load of them there Muslims and you should do the same.” Falwell claims that Jesus casting the moneylenders out of the temple is somehow authorization for Christians to kill preemptively. Protect yourself all you want. Just don’t cloak your your desire for self defense in the mantle of Jesus’ teachings. Curious how the supposedly most religious among us support the death penalty and are proponents of everyone walking around with an assault rifle.


      1. 1wanderingtruthseeker

        Okay Red! I’ll make my own blog about Christians and how we don’t lay down for this. Jesus did not teach you to be whinners. G’day


      2. Red from Texas Post author

        Red welcomes the debate and as a near absolutist on the First Amendment thinks everyone should be able to express their views. Red knows everyone won’t agree with him but is a bit dismayed to be called a whiner. Will try to be less whiny in the future.


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