Texas GOP Leaders Take a Step Back from Crazy

State GOP leaders have denied GOP primary voters a chance to decide if they favor secession from the USA.   The Tea Party wing had requested that the GOP put the following  question on the primary ballot in March:

“If the Federal Government continues to disregard the Constitution and the sovereignty of the State of Texas, the State of Texas should reassert its prior status as an independent nation.”

The State Republican Executive Committee rejected the proposal which would have been a non-binding referendum.

The defeat was not unexpected, as the saner powers-that-be did not want this to become an issue in November’s election.   The SREC clearly disagreed with Tanya Robertson, the SREC member who introduced the proposal and argued that the measure would have been “harmless,” allowing voters to register an “opinion only.” She also suggested the ballot language would have helped “get out the vote” among some Texas Republicans who have been sitting out recent elections. “The goal of these is to take a thermometer of how Texans feels about an issue, and what better issue for Texans to do that with?” she asked.

Indeed, what better way?  Red thinks it is unfortunate  that the rest of Texas will be denied an opportunity to see exactly how crazy the Republican base in Texas really is.



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