Greg Abbott Wastes More of Your Money

Texas will be forking over more than $2.7 million to draw in WrestleMania next year.  This absurd waste of taxpayer dollars stands in direct contrast to Abbott’s campaign pledge regarding the use of such funds. Apparently, that notion flew out the window once Abbott got his hands on Events Trust Fund.  The Texas Tribune has the full story.

Gov. Greg Abbott has agreed to spend up to $2.7 million in taxpayer funds to bring the barrage of blood, sweat and spandex that is WrestleMania to Texas next year.

During his 2014 campaign for governor, Abbott expressed discomfort with such taxpayer-funded economic incentives, saying he wanted to get government “out of the business of picking winners and losers.” 

But last week, his office signed off on the award from the state’s Events Trust Fund, state records show, one of 20 such awards approved since September. That’s when the governor’s office took the reins of a few incentive programs designed to strengthen Texas’ hand in vying for large sporting events and conferences from the state comptroller’s office.


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