The Candidates are Set

Charles Kuffner at Off the Kuff does his usual excellent job of detailing the candidates for the Democratic and Republican primaries in March – so Red doesn’t have to.

Red’s only beef is CK’s snark about Jim Sharp.  JS has had some issues off the court – as they say – but as a judge he did an admirable job of balancing the competing interests and reaching well-reasoned and fair results.  Especially as the only Democrat among the 18 court of appeals judges sitting in Houston.  He must have sympathized with George Goebel when he said, “Did you ever feel like the world is a tuxedo and you’re a pair of brown shoes?”


1 thought on “The Candidates are Set

  1. offthekuff

    “Red’s only beef is CK’s snark about Jim Sharp.”

    It wasn’t intended as snark, just as confirmation that this was who people might have thought it was. I like Jim and am hopeful he will do what he needs to in order to take care of business.



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