All Quiet on the Constitutional Front?

In the wake of Gov. Greg Abbott’s call to  fundamentally alter the structure of our country’s government, the Texas Tribune speculates about the almost total lack of support yet forthcoming from other Tea Party stalwarts such as Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.  Even Sen. “Krazy” Konni Burton (TP- Colleyville) – never one to wander too far from the lunatic fringe – is maintaining radio silence on Abbott’s plan.   It seems as though the Tea Party is hesitant to get behind supporting a constitutional convention that might spiral out of control.

Someone was nice enough to leave a copy of “Restoring the Rule of Law With States Leading the Way” by Gov. Greg Abbott on Red’s desk.  Red has yet to work his way through the 92 page tome complete with 353 endnotes.  When he does, you will be hearing more.  But, there are two things that immediately strike Red about Our Poor Idiot Governor’s proposal:

First, why is OPIG so reluctant to do the job he was actually elected to do?  He seems to have little or no interest in attempting to run Texas.  OPIG spends most of his time grandstanding, filing absurd lawsuits, and kowtowing to the TP base that elected him.  Exactly how much of the state’s time and money was wasted on this non-starter of a “plan?”  Will someone send an open records request?

Second, if by some unf0rtunate happenstance, OPIG’s 9 constitutional amendments were to pass, then the seeds of a second American civil war will have been planted.  The  “indivisible” nation that we pledge allegiance to will be no more.  We will once again be a collection of states – and we know how well that worked out last time.  And if – under the new constitution (for that is what OPIG’s proposal would essentially create) –  some of those states still can’t get their way, then what would be the natural option for these newly emboldened states?  Cessation.  The precedent is firmly established in blood, sweat and tears that unilateral cessation is not an option in our republic.  The inevitable result of such an attempt would be rebellion and civil war.  And if you thought the last one was messy . . .  Red for one does not want to see this country torn asunder by fools like Abbott.


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