A&M Coaches Pressured Trainer to Clear Injured Players

Sports Illustrated reports that former Texas A&M trainer Karl Kapchinski claims that series of Aggie Football Head Coaches repeatedly pressured him to clear players to return to action when they were still recovering from injuries.  This would likely not be news except that SI has a pretty good reputation for accurate reporting and . . . it is just so easy to believe – especially when some coach’s million dollar plus salary is on the line.  Weigh all that money against the fact that some 20 year old who probably won’t play pro football might just have to limp for the rest of his life or suffer a debilitating brain injury, and Red guesses the decision is fairly easy for the less scrupulous of college coaches.

Kapchinski said there were times when he regretted clearing players under pressure from the coach because it resulted in players incurring additional injuries.

“There’s been a lot of great quality athletic trainers that have subsequently lost their jobs because they stood up for the players or were doing the right thing,” Kapchinski said.

Kapchinski worked at Texas A&M for 31 years after graduating from the school in 1979. He was fired suddenly in 2013 at age 56, and has filed a lawsuit against A&M claiming he was removed because of his age.


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