Today in Texas History – February 2

From the Annals of the Mystics –  In 1620, María Coronel took her religious vows to join an order in Spain known as the Blue Nuns.  The Blue Nuns wore an outer cloak of coarse blue cloth over the traditional brown habit.   Taking the name Sister María de Jesús de Agreda, she had more than 500 mystic experiences in which she envisioned visiting an unknown land. Franciscan authorities somehow decided that the mysterious land was in New Mexico and West Tejas.  In her visitations, Sister María contacted several Indian cultures, including the Jumanos, and instructed them to seek out the isolated Spanish missions.  In July 1629, fifty Jumano Indians appeared at the Franciscan convent of old Isleta near Albuquerque.   The Jumanos claimed they had been sent to find religious teachers. They apparently had some basic knowledge of the Christian tenants that they had learned from the “Woman in Blue.”  Fray Juan de Salas led a mission to find more Jumanos and encountered a large group of Indians in Texas who also claimed to have been visited by the Woman in Blue who told them they would be met by Christian missionaries.  When interviewed by church authorities, Sister Maria acknowledged that she was the Woman in Blue.

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