Today in Texas – April 4

From the Annals of San Antonio –  In 1981 Henry Cisneros became the second Mexican-American mayor of a major U.S. city.  Cisneros was elected as an independent to be mayor of San Antonio with over 62% of the vote.  Only 33 at the time, Cisneros seemed to have a bright future and was overwhelmingly elected mayor for another two terms.  Throughout his mayorship, Cisneros lived in the small house that once belonged to his grandfather in the city’s west side. His administration spent more than $200 million to the city’s long neglected Hispanic west side for streets, gutters, libraries, and parks.  These improvements helped alleviate long standing flooding and drainage problems. Cisneros also worked to establish an education partnership that brought together the city, the local colleges and universities, local business, and various community organizations to provide financial aid for college to young people in the poorest school districts of San Antonio. 

Cisneros also served as Secretary of HUD in the Clinton Administration and as President of Univision.  He and his wife live in San Antonio and he continues to work on housing issues today.


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