Texas Secession Picking up Steam – At Least Among Tea Partisans

Delegates at the Texas GOP convention in June will get to debate the issue of Texas secession – an issue Red thought had been emphatically decided 150 years ago.  But not for the die-hard Tea Partisans who fancy themselves patriots.

A group called the Texas Nationalist Movement claims at least 22 county conventions have passed resolutions on a secession vote.  Pressure is mounting for the GOP to have what would likely be a very embarrassing vote on secession at the state convention.  The party avoided a controversy four years ago when according to the TNM only one such resolution passed.

Jared Woodfill, a Tea Party activist and candidate for the State GOP chairmanship, predictably weighed in on the side of the secessionists.  “I absolutely think the people should have an opportunity to vote on this issue,” said Woodfill according to the Houston Chronicle.  Current Texas GOP chairman Tom Mechler, was less enthusiastic.  “Republican is not even in their name,” Mechler said of TNM.  It would be nice if another Texas GOP official – ahem, Our Poor Idiot Governor for instance – would come out against secession.  Red wouldn’t hold his breath waiting for that.

So sedition may become an official part of the Texas GOP platform.  Red wonders how Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) views all of this since if Texas secedes it would seem he would be further disqualified from holding the job he now seeks so desperately.  Of course, if Cruz becomes president, all talk of secession will die.  But talk of impeachment will just be getting started.


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