Flood Photos Showing Oil Spills Disappear from Public View

The El Paso Times has been on about concerning many photos taken of flooded areas of Texas which show spills from oil wells and drilling sites.  Despite the clear pictorial evidence, the “watchdog” of the Texas oil and gas industry  – the Texas Railroad Commission – for some reason has records of almost no flood related spills occurring during the massive floods that have occurred in Texas over the past two years.

An example are photos taken last summer by the Civil Air Patrol along the Lower Trinity River.  The photos show lots of oil spilling into the Lower Trinity .  But the Railroad Commission’s oil-spill database does not include any record of a flood-related spill along the Trinity.

And if that weren’t suspicious enough, the RRC along with the Texas Department of Public Safety recently removed all the photos from public view.  The reason – concerns that the photos might show dead bodies of persons whose families had not been notified.  The only problem – there were no dead bodies in the photos.  So what exactly is the RRC attempting to hide?  It’s lax oversight of the industry?  That is common knowledge, so it must be something else.

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