Rick Perry – Dancing for the Troops?

Our former Poor Idiot Governor Rick Perry bombed in his Dancing With the Stars debut last night.  Perry received the lowest scores of any of the so-called “Stars” fox-trotting, quick-stepping, rhumbaing, two-stepping, tangoing or otherwise breaking it loose on the DWTS stage.  Perry and partner Emma Slater cha cha’ed to “God Blessed Texas” by the band Little Texas.   What’s next – Waltz Across Texas?

Perry claims that he wants to win the show “for the men and women of our military.” Somehow Red thinks that our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines could not possibly care less about Rick Perry dancing his way into America’s hearts.  And for the record, you couldn’t make Red watch DWTS if you promised him that Perry would rip his pants live on TV.


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