Charlie Pallilo Fired (cont.)

It’s radio silence (pun intended) so far from Charlie Pallilo on his abrupt dismissal from KBME and any plans for the future.  Red guesses that CP is too smart to stick his head out of the foxhole right now and is focused on taking the high road while looking for a new spot – or perhaps relaxing on the beach in Puerto Vallarta.  Contrast that with what happens when Josh Innes gets shit-canned in less than a year.

Red is gratified to see the support Charlie has among the knowledgeable sports fans (a discrete subset) who will miss his insight into all things sports.  Red will keep you posted on any CP sightings.

1 thought on “Charlie Pallilo Fired (cont.)

  1. Tom Nauck

    Josh I s the worst,a pervert.Very big mistake.You lost me .I can’t stand his voice,he was filthy on 610.He will not improve ratings.



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