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This Just In – Josh Innes Still Sucks (cont.)

Red’s opinion of sports talk radio buffoon Josh Innes is rather well-known to long-time readers by now.  KBME – AM 790 in Houston pushed out the knowledgeable and well-liked Charlie Pallilo two years ago and brought in the obnoxious and uniformed Innes as a replacement after he was drummed out of the Philadelphia market.

Every once in a while, Red may push the wrong button and end up listening to a few seconds of Innes’ inane blather.  It happened last week, just as Innes was heaping praise on Donald Trump and guaranteeing that the Insult Comic President will win a second 4-year term because everyone is piling on him and that makes Innes want to support him.

Red has to thank the blubberous Innes because for the first time in a long time, Red has some hope.  If Innes thinks Trump is a shoo-in for another term, then the likelihood of that happening has gone way down.  Innes should stick to talking about other subjects of which he is ignorant – like Sports for example.

Charlie Pallilo is Back

KGOW – AM 1560 announced that Radio Sports God Charlie Pallilo will be returning to the airwaves just in time for football season.  Pallilo’s new show will debut on Monday August 21 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  While that is not a coveted time spot, it will be good to have the knowledgeable and largely congenial host back.  Sweet justice would have had him facing off with fathead Josh Innes in morning drive time, but Red guesses Charlie doesn’t want to get up that early.

CP had been on Houston radio more or less continually since 1989 until his abrupt firing in October when he was replaced by the bumbling know-nothing Innes – a move which initially sank KBME AM 790’s ratings.  The station has been boosted of late by the success of the Astros.

Gow Media reports that Pallilo will contribute to its CultureMap website and its SportsMap site scheduled to launch this year and will at some point contribute in some fashion to the company’s SB Nation Radio Network.

KGOW has been off Red’s radio listening radar since it ditched The Steve Czaban Show.  That show had some issues, but was worth listening to if only for the occasional appearance of Evil Jack.  Red simply cannot stomach smarmy radio fascist Dan Patrick.

But Red digresses.  Congratulation are in order to Charlie for finding another radio home in Houston and to fans who will once again be treated to the finest sports talk radio show host this city has ever know.

KBME’s Josh Innes Experiment Failing?

The afternoon drive-time spot is the most coveted in the sports talk radio world.  When KBME booted local legend Charlie Pallilo from that sweet spot last October and replaced him with Josh Innes – many (including Red) predicted failure.  This week Innes may have taken the first step towards the door when KBME moved him to the 6 a.m. slot.   of KBME’s (790 AM) sports talk lineup officially came Monday.

Corporate parent iHeartMedia Houston announced lineup changes, the most notable being current afternoon drive-time host Josh Innes moving to a 6 a.m. slot in a major lineup readjustment in the wake of Lance Zierlien voluntary departure.

AM 790 will now start its day with Innes (Red thankfully  has no clue what airs before 6 a.m.), followed by  “In the Trenches” with former NFL players Greg Koch and N.D.Kalu from 10 a.m. to noon (easily and hour and a half too long by Red’s standards), then Matt Thomas from noon to 3 p.m (tolerable for a lunch commute).  Innes’ and Pallilo’s former slot from 3 to 6 p.m. will be filled be hosted by veterans  Adam Clanton and Sean Jones joined by football writer Jayson Braddock (marginally better than the moronic competition at AM 610 – Yes Rich Lord – Red is talking about you ).

Astros Success is Boosting KBME Ratings – Even Pitiful Josh Innes

Red has been on the “Bash Josh Innes” bandwagon from the get-go.  But even he has to acknowledge when the sports talk listeners have gravitated up the dial to his pathetic excuse for a radio show.  The latest ratings show a marked up-tick across the board for the Houston Astros flagship station KBME AM-790.    When Josh Innes moves to third-place, larger forces are at work.  Also notable is the jump for “In the Trenches” with N.D. Kalu and Greg Koch from last place to a number 4 spot.  One can only speculate, but the best guess is that the flaming hot Astros have reinvigorated the ratings for the station.  Poor Charlie Pallilo must still be wondering what he did wrong – other than actually know something about sports.

Red has to admit that the popularity of some shows continues to perplex him.  Red would rather be staked to an anthill while dying of thirst in the desert than have to listen to Rich Lord, Sean Pendergast and Ted Johnson for more than one segment.  But apparently, Red is out of touch with the sports-talk public at large.  Here are the latest positions with the caveat that very little separates the top and bottom rated shows.  There is a 1.3 share point difference between first and last place and only 0.4 points separating the middle eight shows.

1.   Rich Lord/Sean Pendergast/Ted Johnson  2-6 p.m.      KILT

2.   Texans Radio                          6-7 p.m.      KILT

3.   Josh Innes                            2-6 p.m.      KBME

4.   Greg Koch/N.D.  Kalu                  9-11 a.m.     KBME

5t.  Mike Meltser/Seth Payne               6-10 a.m.     KILT

5t.  Sean Salisbury/John Granato           11 a.m.-1 p.m.  KFNC

5t.  Sean Jones/Adam Clanton               11 a.m.-2 p.m.  KBME

8t.  John Lopez/Cody Stoots                10 a.m.-2 pm  KILT

8t.  Lance Zierlein/Matt Thomas            6-9 a.m.      KBME

8t.  Fred Faour/A.J. Hoffman               4-7 p.m.      KFNC

10.  Joel Blank/Barry Lamanack             1-4 p.m.      KFNC

11.  Paul Gallant                          7-11 p.m.     KILT

12.  John Granato/Raheel Ramzanali         9-11 a.m.     KFNC

This Just In – Josh Innes Still Sucks!

The latest Houston Sports Talk Radio ratings are in and the verdict seems pretty clear.  Josh Innes has failed to win an audience and AM-790 made a huge mistake in dismissing Houston Sports Talk Legend Charlie Pallilo.   Here are the latest ratings with Red’s commentary.

1. Rich Lord/Sean Pendergast/Ted Johnson (2-6 p.m., KILT) (Cannot figure out why these guys are at the top – their show is complete fluff. Hmm – maybe that’s why?
2. Sean Salisbury/John Granato (11 a.m.-1 p.m., KFNC) (FM 97.1 is the oncoming powerhouse.  This station must have upped their power – at one time you could hardly find them.  Red will be listening more in the coming months.)
3t. John Granato/Raheel Ramzanali (9-11 a.m., KFNC) (Granato carries any show that he is on)
3t. Joel Blank/Barry Lamanack (1-4 p.m., KFNC) (Never heard them)
5. Paul Gallant (7-11 p.m., KILT) (Red has better things to do than listen to Paul Gallant in the evenings)
6t. Fred Faour/A.J. Hoffman (4-7 p.m., KFNC) (Who are these guys?)
6t. Mike Meltser/Seth Payne (6-10 a.m., KILT) (Red actually likes this show)
8. John Lopez/Cody Stoots (10 a.m.-2 pm, KILT) (Morons)
9. Sean Jones/Adam Clanton (11 a.m.-2 p.m., KBME) (Will listen under pain of torture)
10t. Lance Zierlein/Matt Thomas (6-9 a.m., KBME) (Will someone offer Lance Zierlein a real job?)
10t. Josh Innes (2-6 p.m., KBME) (Total embarrassment)
12. Greg Koch/N.D. Kalu (9-11 a.m., KBME) (Nice guys but not long for this market)

KBME – Are You Missing Charlie Pallilo Yet?

The Houston Chronicle Reports that since Charlie Pallilo was fired, his replacement radio gasbag, Josh  Innes, has stunk it up ratings-wise.  Since Innes’ debut on October 10, KBME AM-790  has lost almost two-thirds of Pallilo’s audience from late September, falling to a 0.9 percent share of men 25-54 from 3-7 p.m.  For the few of you actually listening to Innes’ show, the station has moved him to 2-6 p.m.   Out of purely prurient interest, Red has tuned in on occasion – only to quickly change channels when JI introduces something like his “That Bitch is Crazy” segment.  Red will tune into Fox & Friends if he wants to get his daily does of utterly infantile nonsense.

Meanwhile, despite continuing to look, there have been no confirmed Charlie Pallilo sightings.  Let Red know if you hear otherwise.

Lance Zierlein Attempts to Bolster Josh Innes

Out of strictly morbid curiosity, Red has listened to Josh Innes on KBME 790 a couple of times since he replaced the immortal Charlie Pallilo.  And may Red just say, it’s pretty sad.  But yesterday may have been the rock bottom.  Lance (of many entertaining voices but otherwise useless) Zierlein was basically interviewing JI in an attempt to deflect the massive amount of criticism coming his way from Pallilo fans.  The basic thrust 0f LZ’s attempt was to protest that the listeners were out of bounds in calling for Innes to be fired because that was going after the man’s livelihood.  This was mixed in with apparently blatant lies from Innes about his departure from Philadelphia.  JI was making it sound like he left Philly voluntarily because he had left Houston, gone and conquered the East Coast and was disenchanted with Philadelphia and really wanted to come back to Houston.  Somehow he left out the part about getting fired for his racist shenanigans and sagging ratings.  Anyhow, LZ was more than willing to carry the water for Innes in crying foul about listeners who can’t stand Innes and are abandoning KBME in droves after CP’s abrut firing.  Listen here Lance Baby, the listeners have every right to call for Innes’ or anyone else’s head.  It’s a tough world out there and if you and JI can’t handle, try actually working for a living like most of your listeners.

Missing Charlie Pallilo Yet?

The answer seems to be “Yes.”  And dissatisfaction with his replacement, the racist ass-clown Josh Innes, is growing.  A reader writes:

Innes has spent the first couple of days on air trashing his previous employer as well as mocking Charlie. What kind of classless ass talks crap to the guy that they replaced? I have never heard that behavior on radio before. And of course he immediately went to racial crap. Playing Sanford & Sons over black callers, saying that they were going to call it the “black phone” and that it would be sponsored by Frenchy’s fried chicken. That’s not funny or outrageous, it’s straight up racist. 

Red is putting the over/under on Innes at 6 months and going short.  Any takers?

Why Was Josh Innes Hired?

The justifiable angst over the firing of Charlie Pallilo from his Drive Home slot on KBME AM 790 has also given rise to the question of exactly why was roundly disliked provocateur and obvious racist Josh Innes hired to replace him?  Innes’ departure from KILT was less than amicable and his short tenure at Philadelphia’s WIP was marked by ugly controversy over racist remarks and his general churlishness.  According to several sources,  was suspended earlier this year for calling a white Eagles’ player a “house negro.”  He was fired in August after racist mocking of fake racist caller on Mike Missanelli’s show on FM 97.5 – another Philadelphia sports talk station.   Innes is also known for his intemperance – having engaged in “feuds” with other sports talk radio morons including one incident that boiled over at an Eagles practice in 2015 – and his rudeness and mocking of callers.  Some have suggested that the racist incidents were merely the excuse used by management to get rid of Innes.  The suggestion is that he was  not liked by anyone at WIP and everyone was glad to see him go.  Add to that the fact that Innes was getting crushed by Missanelli – his  major competition in Philly.  Missanelli dominated Innes in audience share in the key men’s 25-54 demographic beating him by more than 3 points in recent ratings.   As one source put it, , “in some ways it will be a shame if he got fired for racial comments as opposed to the reality of sucking and getting bad ratings. Because now Innes will be able to play the martyr role.”

As for the rumor that fellow radio racist bloviator Michael Berry had input into bringing Innes back to Houston, it is just speculation for now.  But birds of feather as they say . . .


Charlie Pallilo Fired (cont.)

It’s radio silence (pun intended) so far from Charlie Pallilo on his abrupt dismissal from KBME and any plans for the future.  Red guesses that CP is too smart to stick his head out of the foxhole right now and is focused on taking the high road while looking for a new spot – or perhaps relaxing on the beach in Puerto Vallarta.  Contrast that with what happens when Josh Innes gets shit-canned in less than a year.

Red is gratified to see the support Charlie has among the knowledgeable sports fans (a discrete subset) who will miss his insight into all things sports.  Red will keep you posted on any CP sightings.