Red’s NFL Picks – Week One

Red’s weekly six-pack of NFL picks features a weekly trivia question this year.  Reply with your answer and from the correct answer, Red will randomly choose a winner each week.  So here goes.  The weekly picks will provide some hints as to the correct answer.

Remember, Red picks the games straight up.  If you want to know his thoughts about betting the spread or over/under, you must read the fine print.

Which NFL coach holds the record for most career wins? 

Your Biggest Upset Pick of the Week – Giants over Cowboys

Nobody expects the Giants to win.  Nobody also expects the Spanish Inquisition.  The Giants two main weapons are a fearsome pass rush, an aging but wise quarterback  and a fanatical devotion to beating their hated division rival who gets all the fucking attention despite a near perfect track record of failure for over two decades while the Giants have actually been wining NFL Championships.  Red means the Giants three main weapons are . . .  Expect  a doozy on Sunday night.  A low scoring doozy but a doozy nonetheless.  The Cowboys are giving up 3.5 on the road which normally looks good, but this one is too close to put any serious money down.  New Jersey 19 Arlington 17

Your Ohio Pick of the Week – Bengals over Ravens

Having Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones suspended for this one might actually work in the Bengals favor.  They won’t be in the game to commit stupid penalties and turn victory into defeat.   Look for Joe Mixon to get some early action when the Bengals finally realize Jeremy Hill is not a starting RB.  Also look for Gio Bernard to be used correctly as a third-down back.  And finally look for Flacco Joe on his ass.  Red thinks the over/under at 43 is right on the money – but not Red’s money.  Cincinnati 24 Baltimore 20. 

Your Youngest NFL Head Coach Pick of the Week –  Rams over Colts

This one is just for fun.  Rams are getting better. Colts are getting  worse.  Luck is out.  Goff doesn’t suck quite as much behind better offensive line. The under at 47 looks very tempting, but only insane chimpanzee breeders and lapsed Zoroastrians with Mommy complexes would bet on this one.    Los Angeles 14 Indianapolis 10.

Your Superb Owl Champion Pick of the Week – Chiefs over Patriots

Pats celebrate amazing victory in SB 51.  A little too much hangover when Chiefs get down to business and eke out win over gloating champs.  Chiefs are loaded with offensive talent and defense takes care of enough business to win this one.  A rule with no exceptions – never bet on the Thursday night NFL opener – too many weird things happen in these games.  Kansas City 27 New England 21

Your East Coast  Teams Pick of the Week – Eagles over OTNAs

Another team fairly loaded with offensive talent.  Um, that would be the Eagles if Carson Wentz is in fact the real deal, the bees knees, the Truth, the Way and the One – or even if he is pretty good.  LaGarrette Blount (aka Fat Pig) bulls his way to a couple of early touchdowns.  Kirk Cousins misses offensive guru. Red likes the under at 47.5 in this one.   Philadelphia 35 Landover, MD 10

Your Multi-Generational Coaching  Family Pick of the Week –  49ers over Panthers

First time head coach Kyle Shanahan pulls out all stops to get upset victory in first game.  Unfortunately for the Niners it might be the highlight of the season as they are unlikely to beat another decent team this year.  Panthers are still in funk from down 2016 season.  Cam Newton is not back in form yet.  That will come later.  Red likes the Niners to cover the 6 point spread and possibly eke out a close win.  Santa Clara 21 Carolina 20

Although he usually includes the Texans in the weekly six-pack, Red is leaving them alone this week.

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