Today in Texas History – September 27

Image result for wbap tv

From the Annals of Television –  In 1948, WBAP-TV in Fort Worth began operations with the showing of a speech by President Harry Truman.  WBAP (now Channel 5- KXAS) was the first TV station in Texas.   The original plans called for WBAP-TV to sign on the air at 7 p.m. on September 29.  However, Truman’s whistle-stop campaign rally in Fort Worth prompted a change. WBAP launched two days early to broadcast Truman’s speech.  The first image broadcast was a crowd shot taken from just west of the speaker’s platform at the Texas & Pacific terminal building on the southern edge of downtown Fort Worth.  WBAP was an NBC affiliate but showed programs from ABC as well.  WBAP somewhat oddly billed itself at “the first station south of St. Louis, east of Los Angeles and west of Richmond, VA.”

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