Sean Hannity’s Interview of Roy Moore

Last week in a desperate attempt to restore his reputation as a constitution-bending results oriented judge who was booted from his judicial post twice, Alabama Senatorial candidate and Tea Party hero Roy Moore appeared on the Sean Hannity show to rebut charges by at least 4 women that Moore either sexually molested them or had inappropriate relations with them as teenagers about 40 years ago.  The allegations are serious – especially in the case of Leigh Corfman who claims that Moore took her to his home undressed her to her underwear and molested her.  Hannity tried hard to coach Moore through an unequivocal denial of this disgusting conduct, but could not quite get Moore through it unsullied.

Lucky for Red’s readers that he had found a transcript of the unaired portion of the interview.

H:  While we are at it, many are expecting that some other allegations about your past will soon be made.  My sources tell me that those lying weasels at the Washington Post are still digging around in Alabama.  So let’s clear up some other vicious lies that are about to surface.

M: That would be great Sean.

H:  Here is one about you participating in a lynching in 1963 when you were about 16 years old.  First of all, how can you blame someone for something they did at age 16.  Lord knows I wouldn’t want every kid I beat up in high school to come back at me now.

M: That’s for sure.

H:  So did you participate in any lynchings as a teenager?

M:  Let me say Sean that that would not be my ordinary practice to participate in a lynching.  But I don’t remember any lynchings and if they did happen,  I would always ask permission of someone before lynching them.

H: Well that makes perfect sense. Did you watch any lynchings?  Maybe they are confused here.  It’s one thing to watch a lynching – totally different than participating.

M:  Well there were so many lynchings at that time in Alabama, it was hard to avoid them.  So it is certainly possible that I saw a lynching, but I don’t remember any particular lynching.  So it might be true, I just don’t recall.

H:  Here is another one.  Reportedly another old “friend” is claiming that you memorized Mein Kampf and liked to carve swastikas in oak trees near your house. I mean who hasn’t read Mein Kampf?

M:  Well I may have read Mein Kampf as part of a school project but I don’t remember that.  I’m not saying I didn’t love the Fuehrer, but I just can’t recall any specific feelings I may have had for the tenets of National Socialism.  I have carved trees and it is possible that some initials may have resembled a swastika, but I always asked for the tree’s permission before doing any carving.

H: Now let’s get to your career as a Judge.  We understand that there may be some allegations that you accepted bribes from parties.  I know that sounds ridiculous, can you tell our wonderful Fox viewers that this is completely false.

M: It would certainly not be my normal practice to accept bribes from parties with cases before the court or to violate the code of judicial conduct.  I don’t remember taking any bribes, that would be unusual.  But if any money changed hands, then I certainly would have asked permission of the person giving me the bag of cash before I accepted it.

H:  Well, I think that clears it up.










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