Red’s NFL Picks Week 17

Red is keeping it short this week. Will clean up the mess later and report final results and all when he has more time.

Your happy new year pick of the week: Titans over Jaguars. Red is sticking with his  team of destiny even though they have disappointed this season.  Jaguars should win this game but won’t. This game is a career defining moment for Mariota.The definition maybe high mediocrity but that might be good enough in week 17. Tennessee 20 Jacksonville 13

Your cheap champagne pick of week: Eagles over  cowboys.  As he has said many times Red is perfectly OK with the cowboys winning a playoff game  every other decade. That should hold them until the 30s. But by then Red Will either be senile or dead.  He’s a winner either way. Philadelphia 52 Arlington 6

Your fireworks pick of the week: Falcons over Panthers.  Both teams playing for something.  However, Falcons are playing for their playoff life. That should carry them through this week. Atlanta 32  Carolina 24

Your Auld Lang Syne pick of the week:   Rams over 49ers.   Red is finding it hard to care about this one. How about you? Red thought so. Los Angeles 24 Santa Clara 23

Your 2017 sucked pick of the week: Colts over Texans. 2017  has been a total shitfest  for Texans fans. The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be an 18 wheeler loaded with  rotten pig pizzles.  2017 has been almost as bad for the Colts except everyone expected them to suck.  This weeks shit bowl it is especially shitty. With that champagne bottle handy be careful lest ye be tempted  to break it off in the sink and plunge the broken shards into your jugular vein during the third quarter of this doggy dung duel.   Indianapolis 17 Houston 3

Your black-eyed peas pick of the week:  Chargers over Raiders.  Chargers never fail to disappoint Red  why not disappoint Red by making the playoffs  in the seasons where he doesn’t pick them to win shit.  Does he sound bitter? Los Angeles  24 Oakland 20

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