Things Mike Pence was Surprised to Learn

Poor old Mike Pence seems to be out of the loop on most everything that happens in the Trump Administration.  Red has been keeping track of just a few of the things that the Vice-President has seemed to be the last one to know.

  1. That Michael Flynn had met with the Russians on several occasions about loosening sanctions and failed to disclose that to the FBI.
  2. That Michael Flynn had lobbied for the Turkish government.
  3. That Trump wanted to fire James Comey at least in part because of the FBI investigation into the Trump Campaign’s collusion with Russia.
  4. That Rob Porter was a known wife beater.
  5. That Donald Trump is largely bald because of bad hair surgery
  6. That Mike is actually short for Michael.
  7. That he was once elected governor of an actual state.
  8. That some men have dined with women other than there wives and have not gone to Hell.
  9. That dinosaurs actually existed.
  10. That tacos are considered Mexican food.

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