Red’s 2018 NFL Predictions – NFC West

The NFC West looks to be very competitive but ultimately mediocre.

Los Angeles Rams – Amazing what getting rid of a coach like Jeff “Enormous Stick up his Butt” Fischer can do for a team.  And just in case you were wondering, Red will still be piling on Fischer long after the expiration date on that one.  Rams are loaded for bear despite getting ass-waxed in the last pre-season game by the Saints.  That game also answered the question of what a team quarterbacked by Texas A&M Commerce rookie Luis Perez would look like.  Answer: muy mal.  So while its still VamosRams time in LA, Rams fans should say a little prayer each morning for the health of Goff and Gurley and especially all-world left tackle Andrew Whitworth – the most underated player in the league.  Los Angeles enjoys their last season in the Coliseum at 13-3.

San (Somewhere in California) 49ers –  Red is not jumping on the Jimmy Garopolo bandwagon simply because if that was his name he would make sure everyone pronounced it garoPOLO.  Red admires the faith the front office has in “The Faithful” as Niners fans are termed – as the Niners have a giveaway promotion for every single home game this year starting with a garoPOLO bobblehead in Week 2.  Red is especially (a word Red uses way too much) sad that he won’t be there for the “Faithful Then – Faithful Now” wall flag banner giveaway in week 5.  Not that the Niners fans have had much to be faithful to for say – oh the last couple of decades.  Time change.  The Faithful are almost rewarded as the Niners make it to 10-6 based on a relatively easy schedule.

Arizona Cardinals –  Bobby Layne aint got nothing on Sam Bradford when it comes to curses.  The poor guy does seem cursed when it comes to playing more than a handful of games per season and why teams keep banking on him perplexes poor Red – who is too easily perplexed anyway.  The Cards would seem to have enough talent to score lots of points if they could keep a team on the field – even with tired old Larry Fitzgerald still starting – but that is a BIG IF! Don’t get Red started on what David Johnson did to his fantasy football hopes last year.  If Red were in the black comfortable coaching shoes of new head Coach Steve Wilks he would be looking for a truckload of grisgris to ward off the evil spirits.   And the once vaunted Cardinal defense – is officially “once vaunted” now.  Red sees no reason to think this team will be going anywhere but Mayan Riviera in January.  Arizona struggles to 7-9 record.

Seattle Seahawks – The window of opportunity has closed for Pete the Cheat.  Nuff said.  Except that Red would like to take a moment here to comment on the pathetic quality of NFL team official websites.  They now all have seem to have the same format and the same boring approach.  The Seahawks however have chosent to enliven their homepage with interesting tidbits about some of the Sea Gals – and if you want to learn more about innovative uses of duct tape – Red suggests you check it out.  Seattle 6-10.

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