Bands that Red Cannot Stand

Red has been thinking about music a lot lately.  Red’s near complete lack of musical talent makes him appreciate it all the much more.  But there are certain bands/artists that will cause Red to change the channel almost immediately.  And exactly why is something of a mystery.  Oh, Red can put some of it into words, but why is there such a visceral dislike.  Why the jarring of the nerves, the grinding of teeth, the white-hot hatred pounding the frontal lobe?  Perhaps bad memories evoking primal rage?  Or who knows – it just happens.  So while Red realizes these may be fighting words, here goes.

  1. Steely Dan – overproduced, pretentious pseudo-intellectual soft rock from a band named after a dildo.
  2. The Doobie Brothers – Red actually went to see them once.  That sealed the deal.
  3. Yes – The worst of the 70’s with annoying vocals – who actually sounds like that?
  4. Randy Travis – pandering pathetic platitudes of patriotism.
  5. Rush – noise accompanied by possibly even more annoying vocals than Yes.
  6. AC/DC – for those about to rock – listen to something else.
  7. Foreigner – oh only if they were actually foreigners.
  8. Kansas – shaming an entire state.
  9. Kanye – for obvious reasons.
  10. Plastic Ono Band – an aural assault posing as art.

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