Trump’s Favorite Dictators

In honor of Trump’s visit to Houston today, Red will take the time to sort through the list of the President’s favorite strongmen – in other words, those guys he really looks up to for inspiration – along with comments from the Pres.

10. Tayyip Erdogan – Turkey.  He’s an authoritarian who dispatches opponents with ease.  Also an Islamist, but no one’s perfect.

9. Rodrigo Duterte – Philippines.    This guy has had thousands of scumbags killed and actually offed a few himself.  What’s not to like?

8. Benjamin Netanyahu – Israel.  Only a half-dictator really (to the Palestinians).  Step up your game Bibi. Does get extra points for overt corruption.

7. Saparmurat Niyazov—Turkmenistan.  Oh what I wouldn’t give for a personality cult like this dude has created.  Right now I’m at about 40% of the way there.  Damn Democrats.  Sad.  Still can’t pronounce his name.

6. Aleksandr Lukashenko—Belarus.  Europe’s last remaining strong guy.  President for 26 years now.  Hang in there Alek.  You’re a shining example for the rest of us.

5. Nicolas Maduro – Venezuela.  Wait!  How did he get in here?

4. Vladimir Putin – Russia.  You thought he would rank higher, right? Vlad’s slipping a little bit but I still believe every word he says.

3. Mohammed bin Salah – Saudi Arabia.  Really getting into this guy right now.  He actually kills journalists who talk trash about him. How cool is that?

2. Kim Jung Un – North Korea. What can I say.  We fell in love.

1. Donald J. Trump.  Oh yeah, like it was going to be someone else.

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