Happy New Year 2019

Red wishes you all a Happy New Year!  In 2019, stay close to your family friends and faith (if any).  At the end of the day, this life is about how we deal with those who are around us and especially those over who we have some illusion of power.  Do we deal with our fellow humans with kindness, compassion and understanding.  Or do we race to the bottom of insults and attempted humiliation.

Yes, Red has ridiculed those who aspire to and attain power for the sake of power and personal glorification – primarily folks like Individual 1 and Lyin’ Ted.  Sometimes you just can’t help it.  But the ordinary folks just trying to make it through another day – they deserve your patience and support.  This year try to do something once a week – maybe once a month – that makes someone’s world just a little better.  And if you just can’t help yourself, always remember there’s a good chance that you are going to end up on the internet – screaming at the poor clerk who is just trying to do their job.  Don’t be that person.

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